A Spark for an Idea, that Thrived to a New Brand with a Roadmap!

I was sitting this one day, sketching and lost in my ideas and imagination, when I got this brilliant scheme : Why don't I create a unique and fresh brand, that puts in effect and emphasizes Mythological Gods, letting people relate to them and moreover have a badass look to it ?

Well here it is! "They Who Smite" which means:

- "They": Mentioning the numerous mythological Gods from Greek, Roman and other mythologies.

- "who": used to introduce a clause giving further information about a person or people previously mentioned." (LoL)

- "Smite": The divine judgement that only Gods can handle and manipulate.

Overall, this idea for a name to my online store came quickly, after a couple of minutes thinking of something truly unique of nature, that I for a start have never seen before. Well here it is, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did enjoy creating it, and will follow this project through till my end and beyond!

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